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Color Palette - "Rear View"

Introducing Color Palette with the latest single "Rear View". Color Palette, led by principal songwriter/vocalist Jay Nemeyer, is an indie dream pop band from Washington, DC. Color Palette creates lush auditory landscapes that feature shimmering, pop-sensible vocal and guitar melodies, and the band has shared the stage with world-renowned acts such as Charli XCX. The single is simply colorful we think and something you dont come across to often. The mix is something that really just grabs you and makes it feel like a radio ready single. Something you would just hear over and over again we think. The single is quite the dancey one that makes you want to get on your feet and absolutely burn some energy. It seems like the artist knows what they are doing because they are under control, of everyones ears when they press play. Listen below for yourself.


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