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Collateral Beauty - “Disasterpiece”

Collateral Beauty is a Dallas-based artist who has recently released a new single called "Disasterpiece." This song speaks to the struggles of rebuilding one's life and mental state after experiencing the pain of a broken home.

The artist's name, Collateral Beauty, is derived from the concept of finding beauty in unexpected places, particularly in the aftermath of disaster. This idea is reflected in the lyrics of "Disasterpiece," which explore the themes of rebirth and resilience.

Musically, the single combines percussive and semi-industrial hard rock with emotive and relatable lyrics. The electric guitars in the song are particularly noteworthy, as they provide a raw and powerful sound that complements the artist's emotive vocals.

Overall, "Disasterpiece" is a poignant and impactful track that showcases Collateral Beauty's talent as a musician and songwriter. The song's dark and emo sound is sure to resonate with listeners who have experienced their own struggles with mental health and rebuilding their lives. With its powerful message of hope and renewal, "Disasterpiece" is a must-listen for fans of hard rock and emo music.


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