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Cole St. x Ian Kiyohara x 6ash9od - "Bodega"

Introducing Cole St. x Ian Kiyohara x 6ash9od with the latest single "Bodega". Not much is known about the musician we think, there is a lot of talent though so we felt the need to share. The musician tells us "This song represents the trials and tribulations that I went through while living in the Bay Area. It's about wanting something or someone but knowing that the life that you are striving for will never let that person/thing be a part of your life." The beat is on the relaxing side, we think and something that really feels on the lofi side of things, just something extremely precise we think. The musician really delivers something like poetry we think within the single, the talent is simply off the charts we think. The subtance as well is there, the musician just takes the beat apart we think while still showign respect to the collaboraters we think. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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