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Cloud 9ine KO - "Miles Away"

After the death of his father, Cloud 9ine KO stuns people with an exclusive new album titled “8:17”. “8:17” is a heartfelt, all new 10 song project; written and produced by Cloud 9ine KO. It was written and dedicated in honor of his late father. The newet single "Miles Away" stood out to us drastically this time. The single starts off with an ambient pad and then the vocals begin. The lyricist is very profound and tells us vividly, that even whenever that special person is "miles away", he will still celebrate their life and memories eternally, or as long as the artist is around. It's a beautiful eulogy of sonics and the human expierence. Showing true and raw emotion we think Cloud 9ine KO is up to something for sure, listen below.


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