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Close to Monday - “Animals”

Close to Monday, an electronic duo on a mission to revive the unique musical styles of Electropop, Synthpop, and Indietronica, has graced us with their latest song that emanates boundless energy and experimental vibes. The track "Close to Monday" captures listeners' attention from the very first beat, taking them on a sonic journey of exploration and pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Depeche Mode, Moby, and Björk, Close to Monday infuses their distinct sound with elements reminiscent of the electronic pioneers. Their fearlessness in incorporating experimental elements showcases their dedication to revitalizing forgotten musical styles while adding their own modern twist.

In "Close to Monday," Close to Monday reminds us of the pioneering spirit of Daft Punk, while creating a fresh, captivating experience that leaves listeners eager for more. With their dynamic approach to music-making, Close to Monday is undoubtedly a duo to watch, as they continue to breathe new life into the electronic music scene, one pulsating beat at a time.


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