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Clifford Introducing Us A BitterSweet Track "Stress Relief"

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Clifford is an uprising artists from the US and after a few years ventured out for a little in the UK. Some might say that his style and interest change as quickly as the Maryland weather where had grown up. As a result, much like"Stress Relief", his music often contains nuances of different cultures. He had also started posting on SoundCloud about two years, just for his audience to enjoy his music. During the time he was live streaming on Twitch where he became known for singing and playing guitar. He loved the support of his followers and still does, They encouraged him to play music whenever he was on and it was their encouragement that helped him realize that music was his true path. Over the past two years he has been focusing solely on songwriting and music production. In regards to his music genre he typically focus on pop however his interests are all over the spectrum.

In his latest track "Stress Relief" it's based on the concept of being cooped up, needing a release of energy, and change. There is a part of the song where he repeats the word

"al-taghyir" which is the Arabic word for "change" in which i really enjoyed him using a different language throughout the track. He thought adding another language into the song would help to emphasize the concept of unity and change for people everywhere. He also included words of affirmation because being cooped up can sometimes lead us to questioning ourselves. The repetition of the chorus mimics the representation of that feeling we are having during this pandemic. However the overall upbeat energy of the song encourages a positive outlook of the world's situation in general. This is a great track and feel like anyone can listen to this and relate to what he's trying to convey. Just enjoy the feel of the track and vibe.



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