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CjayQ With His Soothing Track "Never Satisfied"

Upcoming artist CjayQ is a talented act that presents amazing tracks that will surely captivate your ears. With the success of his independent release “Sunday Morning” that debuted on SoundCloud in August 2016, which featured the likes of Felly & Peter $un, CjayQ got his first looks from many in the industry. 4 months later in January 2017 the project was uploaded to all major streaming services which resulted in a 2nd wave of success for the project. CjayQ would go on to release another project in October 2017 “Saudade” which consisted of popular tracks from his SoundCloud that had not made it onto streaming platforms. In April 2018 CjayQ announced he had formed a duo with his frequent collaborator, glibs which they named SWEET. Their first single “Get Out My Face” took off almost immediately after release. They followed up the single with their 2018 release “ Sweet Talk” which has racked up millions of streams to date. In November of 2018 he released his project “Mori” which reflected a growing and maturing CjayQ tinkering with the idea of death and mortality. In May of 2019, CjayQ and glibs teamed up again to release two new singles “Not The Same” and “Dangerous”. They followed the singles up with their 2nd collaborative project “Sweet Talk Vol. 2” in July 2019. In January of 2020, he released his single “Bloom” which has become his biggest and fasting moving song to date. To follow up the single he then released his 4th solo independently released project “Bloom”. in February of 2020. Following the release of his newest single "Never Satisfied" he projects a soothing track that will certainly leave you wanting more. Starting the track with a slow beat leading onto his luscious and soft vocals he completes the track entirely. To the production and the vocals this track will surely get your head nodding. Explaining the track further it's about having the feeling of not being satisfied completely with anything, everything seems to be a blur and your trying to find that one thing that will definitely complete you. Being fully relatable and having a vibrant energy it's truly a track to keep on replay. Go stream "Never Satisfied" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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