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Cillë - "Half a Heart"

Cillë, known for her catchy pop melodies, takes a bold step into the realm of classic and hard rock with her latest release, "Half a Heart," under the Pink Peacock label. This bombastic, guitar-driven power ballad is a musical throwback to the golden era of rock, channeling the spirits of legends like Pat Benatar and Heart, while also drawing inspiration from the nightmarish storytelling of '80s Alice Cooper.

"Half a Heart" is a sonic departure from Cillë's previous funky and upbeat track, "Champagne!." The song's haunting lyrics and hooky melodies plunge the listener into a darker, more mysterious narrative. As Cillë explains, the song emerged from a place of vivid nightmares, which she's experienced throughout her life.

"I had this idea for a big hard rock chorus, ending on a quite sad lyric. I liked it, but I just couldn't make peace with it as a sad love song. I felt like there was something more to it," Cillë reveals. "I'm a life-long sufferer of vivid nightmares, and as I reflected on the meaning of the words 'half a heart,' the whole storyline revealed itself to me in the nights that followed—'half a heart' was to be taken literally."

Behind the catchiness of the music lies a haunting story. "Half a Heart" narrates the descent of a woman into madness after losing her lover, culminating in a chilling act of revenge. Cillë delves into the unsettling world of her nightmares for artistic inspiration, a venture she rarely undertakes. She admits, "As many nightmares as I've had in my life, I rarely dive into them as creative inspiration, but I guess there's some untapped artistic potential there. Let's just say that I will be keeping my notebook right by the bedside from now on."

The production of "Half a Heart" was a collaborative effort, with Benjamin Hull overseeing the project remotely. Cillë recorded her vocals in the heart of New York City, working closely with Kelsey Warren of Blak Emoji. The same creative team is currently hard at work on Cillë's upcoming EP, which promises to be an exciting continuation of her musical exploration.

"Half a Heart" showcases Cillë's versatility as an artist, seamlessly transitioning from pop to rock while keeping her signature flair for crafting captivating melodies intact. It's a testament to her willingness to embrace new genres and explore the depths of her creative imagination, even if it means diving into the eerie world of her own nightmares. Listen below.


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