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Chroma Sea - "Kalimari Desert"

Introducing "Kalimari Desert" by Chroma Sea, a vibrant instrumental track that's the duo's first release with Ryan Celsius. This piece skillfully blends '90s nostalgia and vaporwave sounds with elements of house music, city pop, and breakbeats. Perfect for retro, synth, or chill playlists, this track released by Ryan Celsius Sounds is a must-listen, especially the moment at 2:32, which the artists highlight with enthusiasm.

"Kalimari Desert" is a sonic embodiment of sitting too close to the TV in 1999, eyes glued to Mario Kart and other video games. It's an artistic expression of Chroma Sea's love for Tycho, Vaporwave, 909s, and breakbeats, melding these influences into something uniquely their own. Their project celebrates the world's natural beauty, drawing inspiration from Adult Swim bumps which we find so unique and we love, to create cinematic postcards of the city and its surrounding nature. Whether you're a fan of Vaporwave, Synthwave, Chillwave, or just looking for something to energize and soothe your soul, this track is for you. Listen now and let Chroma Sea transport you to their vividly imagined world.


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