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Christopha - "Nang"

Christopha, a rapper, writer, and relentless dreamer hailing from East and North London, has released a new track titled "Nang," produced by No Flash In The Pan. The song is a trap-infused grime track that embodies the British slang definition of "excellent" or "cool."

As part of his ambitious 26 Miles and Running project, where he's releasing a song every two weeks in 2023, "Nang" is the seventh release from Christopha. The track showcases his unique blend of trap and grime influences, with hard-hitting beats, aggressive rhymes, and a catchy hook that's sure to get listeners moving.

Despite its energetic mood, "Nang" is a testament to Christopha's lyrical prowess and ability to craft a cohesive, dynamic track. His delivery is confident and assertive, with each bar hitting hard and building momentum towards the explosive chorus.

Throughout his career, Christopha has continued to evolve his sound and grow as both an artist and a professional. His successes include earning a first-class degree from university, growing as a business leader in the tech industry, and receiving co-signs from legendary UK rappers like Ty and Skinnyman.

With the Hidden EP and now the 26 Miles and Running project, Christopha is establishing himself as a rising star in the UK rap and grime scene. "Nang" is a prime example of his unique style and approach, showcasing his ability to blend different genres and create something fresh and exciting. As the project continues to unfold, fans can expect more hard-hitting tracks and infectious hooks from this promising artist.


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