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Chris Rhoadz With His Captivating Single "Pisces Rising"

Chris Rhoadz is an exceptional artist from Hialeah, Florida, who's a singer and songwriter. Chris really got in tune with music around the age of 8 when he first started playing the guitar but didn't start making music on his own until the age of 19. Chris tends to evolve around different types of genre instead of just sticking to one. Creating music with different types of genre's is what makes this artist very versatile. He provides his audience with different tunes that anyone would be able to enjoy. His goal in making music is to give a voice to the thoughts that we have lingering behind our minds on the daily weather it stems from a good place or a bad one.

Introducing his latest single "Pisces Rising" Chris does a great way of bringing this track all together into an atmosphere of peace and imagination. The beginning of the track starts off with a slow and soothing beat continuing onto his soft and captivating vocals. To the production and vocals this one eye catching track wouldn't satisfy with just one listen. It just wouldn't be enough to fully capture the whole feel of the track. To explain further it's about having that moment when your up late at night thinking about that one certain person. It's those moments when you start to imagine what you would say to them or if they even still thinking about you. This track projects a little taste for anyone providing relatable lyrics, hypnotic vocals, air synths, retro sounding guitars and lastly injected with chill drums. Escape reality for a few moments and dive into the trip this song entails.






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