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Chris Rhoadz Stuns With "Sonder"

A singer/songwriter from Hialeah, Florida Chris Rhoadz is a new artist on our radar that we will defintely be looking out for more. The newest single "Sonder" was a labor of love and a pleasure to make. The production was all analog, so it took some time. Drums were recorded in the studio, mic'd up amplifiers for the guitars and bass. My engineer and I would spend countless hours trying different recording methods to get the sound we wanted for this production. A lot of love was put into the mixing, trying to emphsize on the warmth this ambient psychadelic production exuberates. It's interesting because to us it seems like Chris is a combination of sounds consitening of passed fellow Florida native XXXTentaction, with a dash of Steve Lacy and Mac demarco. The single consists of thick sounds with its snare and surfer laid back guitars. An amazing blend that the ears will thank you for, listen below.


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