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Chris Pellnat - "Billie Eilish Won't Follow Me"

Introducing Chris Pellnat's latest track, "Billie Eilish Won't Follow Me," a unique blend of experimental electronic, psychedelic, and freak folk that's bound to catch your attention. This song, with its energetic mood and unconventional style, stands out as a quirky yet intriguing piece in today's music landscape.

Imagine the playful creativity of "Weird Al" Yankovic fused with an experimental electronic backdrop - that's the vibe of "Billie Eilish Won't Follow Me." Chris Pellnat isn't just making music here though we think, we think he's crafting a narrative that playfully pokes at celebrity culture and the peculiarities of our algorithm-driven world. It's either a fun, infectious banger with a fresh sound, or, as Chris himself puts it, a "dumb song and ridiculous stunt." The choice of perspective is yours.

One thing's for sure though this track is refreshingly different. It breaks away from production fads and prevailing trends, boldly featuring the clarinet, an instrument not commonly heard in contemporary popular music. This choice adds a unique flavor to the song, further emphasizing its distinctiveness. Listen below now!


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