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Chris Kelly - "Rollercoaster"

Welcoming Chris Kelly with his new single "Rollercoaster," a track that beautifully encapsulates the essence of adult contemporary and pop rock with a touch of alt-pop. Known for his versatility and incredible talent, this Canadian artist and musician, currently based in Vancouver, BC, brings his rich experience and musical prowess to this latest release. "Rollercoaster" is a track that lives up to its name we think big time, offering a thrilling musical journey. It features bright pads and a snappy snare that immediately grab your attention, setting the stage for a dynamic and engaging listening experience. Chris's vocal performance is a standout element of this single we think. He sings with passion and intensity, utilizing his full vocal range to convey the emotional depth of the song. The track resonates with the styles of Lewis Capaldi, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and Imagine Dragons, yet Chris Kelly adds his unique flair to it. Listen now!


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