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Chill West x Dreamfield x Hoffy Beats - "Comfort Zone"

Get ready to immerse yourself in the soothing and meditative world of "Comfort Zone," a captivating collaboration between Chill West, Dreamfield, and Hoffy Beats. Released by CLOVR, this lo-fi hip-hop instrumental is a dreamscape that's perfect for setting the vibe while you're engaged in your chill activities.

Dreamfield is a unique musical project that brings together instrumentalists and producers from different generations. Summit One and Post-Ambient, with a whopping 40-year age span between them, combine their talents to create something truly special. Dreamfield weaves multi-generational sounds, blending dreamy guitar riffs, jazzy sax melodies, and the soul of classic rock 'n' roll with the modern essence of lo-fi and chill beats.

Cody, the artist behind the Summit One project, is a saxophonist and producer based in Denver, Colorado. Not only does he create incredible music, but he's also the host of "The Chilled Samples Podcast." This show is a celebration of the talented, diverse, and underrepresented artists in the lo-fi, chillhop, and mellow beats community. Cody's passion for music and community shines through in his work.

On the other hand, Kelly, the artist behind the Post-Ambient project, is a guitarist and producer hailing from Minnesota. Having toured in the 1970s and participated in significant artistic and cultural shifts, he brings a mature, complex, and unique musical perspective to Dreamfield. His experiences witnessing some of the greatest bands of all time have left a profound impact on his musical journey, and his collaborative network expands worldwide.

Together, Chill West, Dreamfield, and Hoffy Beats create an auditory experience that soothes the soul, fosters a sense of joy, and instills calm in this beautifully turbulent world. "Comfort Zone" is the result of their harmonious fusion, a track that carries with it the richness of the past and the tranquility of the present, a musical bridge across generations that's bound to leave you in a state of bliss. Listen below.


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