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Children of AndromedaDon't You Know It's True?

Lofi producer and musician Children of Andromeda has just released their latest single, "Don't You Know It's True?" This track is a smooth and relaxing beat that's perfect for winding down and getting some rest.

With its mellow tempo and soothing melodies, "Don't You Know It's True?" is the perfect track to fall asleep to. The background vocals give the song an extra push and solidify its smooth, lofi sound.

Children of Andromeda's talent for creating relaxing and atmospheric beats is on full display in "Don't You Know It's True?" This track is a must-listen for fans of lofi and anyone in need of some calming and soothing music. So why wait? Give "Don't You Know It's True?" a listen today and let Children of Andromeda help you relax and unwind.


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