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Cheyenne Elliot With "Crash"

R&B/Soul artist with a one-in-a-million voice, Cheyenne Elliott comes from a family of music royalty -- she is the granddaughter of Dionne Warwick and a cousin of Whitney Houston. Her music vibes and flows in a smooth soul sound of artists like H.E.R., Snoh Aalegra, Evvie McKinney. As she notes, “the inspiration behind ‘Crash’ comes from the idea of the feeling of deja vu from a past relationship. Crashing into a feeling that is familiar hits you like a ton of bricks or a wave; letting that love overcome you is extremely powerful. I wanted ‘Crash’ to feel warm and comforting. My sound is new age acoustic R&B, and I feel the song really encompasses that sound.” The single is oh so beatifully sung, we can clearly see the R&B roots that Cheyenne Elliott so amazingly draws from. We beleive we're hearing a bit of influence from Ashanti, to Kehlani here within the luscious and well delivered vocals. While there is room for improvment we are very eager to here more as Cheyenne Elliot develops into the artist she was born to blossom into. Take a listen below for yourself.


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