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Cheapskate - "Backburner"

Introducing "Backburner" by Cheapskate, an instrumental track from his new LP that beautifully embodies the fusion of Retro Soul, Jazz, and Lo-fi Rock. Released by Shed Pop Records, this song, described as the artist's favorite from the album, encapsulates the LP's essence with its build into synth weirdness. The track resonates with a chill and happy mood, akin to the styles of Jim Noir and The Bees. "Backburner" is an instrumental weave of jazz, soul, and laid-back lounge elements, creating quirky sonic textures reminiscent of Young Holt Unlimited, Curtis Mayfield, and Jim Noir. It's a perfect representation of Cheapskate's, or MJ Jackson's, unique style which blends the hard-bop melodies of Lee Morgan, the storytelling of Georgie Fame, and the upbeat rhythms of Motown. Based in London and hailing from Liverpool, Cheapskate crafts his laid-back melodic brand of jazz-pop in his home studio. His music is like the offspring of a shotgun wedding between Blue Note Records and indie, packed with quirky, exuberant, and interesting Scouse fare. We think "Backburner" is a must-listen. It's a track that showcases Cheapskate's talent for creating music that's not just enjoyable but also creatively distinctive. Listen below to see what we mean.


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