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Charm School - "Simulacra"

Dive into the electrifying world of Charm School's latest release, "Simulacra." This synthpop-synthwave fusion is a sonic journey that oozes energy and introspection. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Gang Of Four, Public Image Ltd., The Fall, Wire, and Protomartyr, Charm School delivers a track that's as politically charged as it is danceable. "Simulacra" isn't just about catchy beats and grooves; it's a thought-provoking exploration of our modern society's disconnection from reality. The song takes a page from the book of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, addressing the disquieting fact that we increasingly interact with fabricated representations of reality. In an era where counterfeit depictions of life are often valued over actual reality, Charm School doesn't hold back in pointing fingers at the role of social media companies profiting from this exploitative situation. Charm School, led by Andrew Sellers (aka Andrew Rinehart), takes a bold departure from Sellers' folk and pop-based songwriting. Joined by longtime collaborators Matt Filip and Drew English, along with drummer and multi-instrumentalist Jason Bemis Lawrence, this project signals a shift towards a darker and more aggressive sound. Imagine the raw energy of '70s post-punk meeting the experimental spirit of '90s post-rock, and you'll get a taste of what Charm School has in store. Originally hailing from Louisville, KY, Sellers has left his mark on both the New York City and Los Angeles DIY music scenes. Co-founding The Body Actualized Center in Bushwick and curating shows at Basic Flowers in Downtown LA, Sellers' musical journey has been anything but ordinary. Charm School represents a return to his punk and hardcore roots, drawing inspiration from the likes of Slint, The Jesus Lizard, Nation of Ulysses, and Fugazi. In "Simulacra," Charm School brings together a rich tapestry of influences, delivering a track that's not only sonically captivating but also intellectually stimulating. So, if you're looking for music that challenges the status quo while making you move your feet, give "Simulacra" a spin and join Charm School on their quest to skewer the politics of our time over a pulsating dance beat. Listen now and be encharmed.


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