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Charley Horse - "Locket"

Introducing Charley Horse with the latest single "Locket". The artist tells us "This is the second track off of our new SUMMER EP. It's an homage to 90s/early 200s alternative rock. With a grunge aesthetic and a melodic backbone, the song takes off from the get-go. Boasting big, jangling guitar sounds, harmonic bass lines, driving drums, and vocal harmonies, this song ends up somewhere between indie, the blues, shoegaze, and straight up pop-rock. It's like if Sheryl Crow wrote a song for Pavement or Teenage Fanclub. " We tend to agree, the feeling of the 90s is very strong within the single. To us its like the artist absolutely makes you feel young and free we think. There is also influence from mac demarco which we feel within the single. Its just something you dont hear everyday. The instrumental as well is something that really pulls on your heart strings. Listen below for yourself.


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