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Charles Connolly With His Astounding Track "Never Said Goodbye"

Charles Connolly popularly known as CC is a uprising star who's a critically acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer. Mainly focusing in the genre of Pop, as well as sometimes adding genres that sound like Hip Hop or Indie R&b to his mixture. Spanning over many years he has now found his own unique sound and has perfected it up in such a way that makes him a extraordinary artist. Throughout Charles Connolly's music you can hear the versatility, originality and his immaculate melodies being the key attribute to his sound. Charles writes, sings, sequences, and produces his music entirely solo. His catchy melodies are bound to get stuck in your head with a fond similarity, but yet having that fresh vibrancy.

With his newest track "Never Said Goodbye" Charles captures the whole purity of the track. Starting the begin of the track with a slow and seductive beat and vocals giving it that sexual vibe to it. The whole production of the track sounds so unique and vibrant, the song explains him never saying goodbye, but in this situation it had to lead him to leave because he was tired of the lies and her not being there for him, like he said in his track "what do you expect me to do". This track has a sexual tension to it which I enjoyed but it also leads you to a part of pain because he never wanted to leave. It's a relatable track that I feel like anyone could vibe to, it also has this tempting feel to the track that makes you want to keep listening to more. Check Out "Never Said Goodbye"



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