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Celeste Aria - "Pretty Sleeper"

Known for her stunning modeling career, which graced the runways for fashion giants like Gucci, Celeste Aria has quietly been honing her skills in music production behind the scenes. In her sophomore single, "Pretty Sleeper," Celeste emerges from the shadows to showcase her musical prowess. This electro-pop sensation brings together a mix of moods, from the sultry and moody to the epic and grandiose.

For "Pretty Sleeper," Celeste took charge of the initial demo, proving that her talents extend far beyond the catwalk. Collaborating with the dance music prodigy Afriqua, they weaved intricate layers and sound design nuances into the track. The result is a sonic journey that's uniquely Celeste's, blending sensuality with pulsating beats and electrifying basslines.

Celeste's music isn't just about crafting catchy tunes; it's a statement. She's on a mission to challenge the elitist attitudes that often plague underground dance music. Her work not only reflects her distinct femininity but also serves as an inspiration to other women in the industry.

Born and raised in a rural Canadian farm community, Celeste's musical journey was shaped by the Myspace era and the rise of electro house and electronica. Her experiences have been as diverse as her music, taking her from art galleries around the world to the glamorous catwalks of Gucci. Today, she has found her place in the world of product development at Ableton, a popular music company.

Celeste Aria's music is a fusion of rural solitude and the electric pulse of city nightlife. It's a signature blend of melancholic club beats that transport listeners to a world where fashion and technology intertwine. Her music serves as both an escape and a respite for the restless mind, making her a compelling artist to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of electro pop.

In "Pretty Sleeper," Celeste Aria not only showcases her musical talent but also her dedication to pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers in the world of dance music. As she continues to redefine the genre with her unique sound and vision, it's clear that Celeste is a rising star in the industry, and her journey is just beginning.


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