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Catnyp - "Mainstreamlining"

Introducing Catnyp with "Mainstreamlining". Catnyp is a songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, created his most fearless platter to date, Catnyp IIII, out next Spring. On this 14-song collection of intoxicating indie-rock treats, the Missoula, Montana-based artist explores the outer stratosphere of his eccentric modern classic sensibility. The newest single "Mainstreamlining" is an emotional guitar led single that reminds us very deeply to John Mayer, the emotional guitars really take you there to a deep and dark, personal spot that you usually wouldn't go to, or don't too often. The vocals are as well emotional and full through out the single and it makes it feel like it's personally made for the listener. Listen below for yourself.


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