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CatchTwentyTwo With A Beautiful Music Video For "Won't Wait Anymore"

CatchTwentyTwo is an artist from Broward County, Fl who introduces us to an visual aspect of his track "Won't Wait Anymore". He recently released a four track Ep named "Caught In The Moments" it explains a whole concept of love, anger, and frustration. It literally leaps you off you feet, with each track you hear. Once your watching the video you feel like your in trance. With the beginning of the first shot of the hour glass to showing himself, you already feel intrigued to see the rest.

All of these beautiful shots are filmed within four scenes through the film capturing every moment throughout the track. If you watch closely you can see how everything is a concept all together. From the hour glass shots to the view of him and everything around him it captures the track fully. The hour glass is personally my favorite part of the whole concept. The idea of not having to "wanting to wait anymore" it's what fully entitles it to the track. With that being said adding the hourglass was a nice touch throughout his video, giving something a representation on what he was trying to convey. The music video is so beautifully made and portrayed. I can't wait to see what more CatchTwentyTwo has in store for us.


Twitter: @catchmeinpublic

Instagram: @catchmerighthere


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