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Carla Winter - “Peter Rabbit”

Today, musician Carla Winter announces their latest single "Peter Rabbit," a humorous spoof that tells the tale of a carrot-stealing rabbit with a vitamin A addiction. Based on the chord progression of the Kingsmen's song "Louie Louie," "Peter Rabbit" is a fun and playful track that is sure to entertain listeners.

Carla Winter is known for their humorous lyrics and catchy melodies, and "Peter Rabbit" is no exception. The track tells the story of a mischievous rabbit who loves nothing more than to steal carrots from local gardens, indulging in his vitamin A addiction. However, his larcenous ways eventually catch up with him, and he is "busted by the FBI" for his crimes.

Despite its light-hearted subject matter, "Peter Rabbit" is a well-crafted and skillfully executed track. The song's catchy melody and clever lyrics are sure to stick in your head long after you've finished listening. Give it a listen and let yourself be drawn into Carla Winter's wacky world of carrot-stealing rabbits and FBI investigations.


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