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Cam Be x Add-2 x Neak - "King's Speech" (feat. Add-2 & Elisa Latrice)

In the realm of Neo-SoulHip-Hop, where conscious lyricism meets smooth grooves, "King's Speech" emerges as a shining gem. This track, featuring the legendary Chicago emcee Add-2 and the soul-soothing vocals of Elisa Latrice, is a testament to the collaborative magic that happens when talent combines forces.

Cam Be and Neak, the dynamic duo behind this musical masterpiece, have been steadily crafting their unique sound. "King's Speech" is the third installment from their collaborative project, "a film called black." It's a celebration of artistry, featuring the lyrical prowess of Add-2 and the captivating vocals of Elisa Latrice.

But Cam Be is more than just a musician; he's a multi-talented artist. With a background in film, photography, and music production, he's a true creative force. His journey began at the New York Film Academy and continued at Columbia College in Chicago, where he honed his filmmaking skills. Notably, he received an Emmy award for his role as a producer with NBC Chicago. His work extends to documentaries, including "The Exchange" and "Where Flowers Bloom," which delves into the making of the Grammy-nominated Hip-Hop album 'Laila's Wisdom' by Rapsody.

In addition to his film accolades, Cam Be has made waves in the music world. He's been part of various projects, from the Hip-Hop/Rock band Untitled Wake Up! to a duo project with Josh Free titled "Be Free." His solo albums, "7 Steps to 7" and "Summer in September," further showcase his musical versatility.

Cam Be is firmly rooted in Chicago, where he serves as the Owner and Creative Director of Camovement. His artistry transcends boundaries, and "King's Speech" is a testament to his ability to bring together a diverse range of talents and create something truly epic. Listen below.


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