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Caius x NYAROL - "Only One" (Feat. NYAROL)

Caius, the Danish electronic producer, has teamed up with Swedish singer NYAROL to release their latest track "Only One" on Spinnin' Records. The track is a blend of French Filter House and Indie Electronic, with a touch of Alternative/Indie R&B.

Caius' passion for music began at a young age, and he was gifted a pair of production speakers by his mother at age 13. He initially started by mixing hip hop beats, but later turned to electronic music, merging the sample base from his hip hop tracks with house drums and electronic elements to create a new style of electronic music.

"Only One" is a testament to Caius' innovative approach to music production. The track features NYAROL's smooth vocals over a melodic and upbeat instrumental. The French Filter House influence is evident in the funky bassline, while the Indie Electronic and R&B elements come through in the dreamy synths and soulful vocal delivery.

Caius' previous track "Your Love" featuring Neigh has already garnered over 5 million streams on Spotify and was featured in Nike workout videos. He has also been hand-selected by Future Classic, an Australian label, to deliver a remix pack of Hayden James' "Just A Lover," alongside Petit Biscuit and Pomo.

As he continues to release music and create captivating music videos to accompany his releases, Caius is set to make a mark in the electronic music scene. "Only One" is a great addition to his growing discography and is definitely worth a listen for fans of French Filter House, Indie Electronic, and Alternative/Indie R&B.


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