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Cagri Raydemir - "Absence of Candor"

Introducing Cagri Raydemir with "Absence of Candor", an alternative rock offering by the multi-talented Cagri Raydemir. While not much is disclosed about the song itself, the track is described as feeling "vintage" and really focuses on vocal delivery. Its sonic texture brings to mind the best of older rock music, serving as a beautiful canvas for Raydemir's emotive voice. Cagri Raydemir, born in 1981, is a Munich-based musician whose journey into music began at the age of 13 when he picked up the guitar. Having been part of various bands in his formative years, Raydemir decided to concentrate on his own music, taking the stage now and then for live performances. Since 2010, he has been deeply involved in music production, resulting in an impressive discography of 12 albums and 7 EPs to date.

Not just a performer, Raydemir is the epitome of a DIY artist. He's responsible for virtually every aspect of his releases, from lyrics and vocals to instruments, programming, and arrangements. His process also extends to recording, mixing, mastering, and even occasional artwork—all done in his home studio. Listen below now!


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