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Cadre Cola - "What You Want"

Introducing "What You Want" by Cadre Cola, a track that beautifully blends Trip-Hop, Synthwave, and Chillwave into a chill, future pop style track. This piece is a testament to the unique fusion of electronic, trip-hop, R&B, and downtempo synth/chill/retrowave sounds, offering a fresh brand of chilled alternative pop, R&B, and electronica. Cadre Cola, formed by Southampton boys Harry and Austin, began their musical journey bonding over basketball and skateboarding in secondary school. Their shared passion for music soon led them to explore electronic music, and by their university years, they were collaborating with vocalists, honing their skills in songwriting and music production. Formed in early 2018, Cadre Cola's name is a nod to the duo's love of 80s movies, a decade that significantly influences their music. Their sound is characterized by laid-back, soundscape-driven beats, resulting in a fresh and unique take on alternative pop and electronica. "What You Want" is a perfect representation of Cadre Cola's style, combining relaxed vibes with rich electronic textures. The track is an ideal addition to any playlist looking for a chill and immersive auditory experience.


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