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CADE - "Finally Found"

Welcoming CADE with "Finally Found," the latest creation by the 27-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer. This track serves as his first independent release since parting ways with Ultra Records/Sony, and it's safe to say that the artist is still a a force to be reckoned with we think. Raw talent vocally and instrumentally is hard to come by.

Inspired by the vibrant nightlife of cities like Zurich and Milan, and heavily influenced by '90s Eurodance and classic house music which he holds close to his heart, CADE aimed to craft a song that would feel right at home in a Dance Dance Revolution game. The result, well, a dance pop anthem that's teeming with energy, punctuated by incredible vocals and thoughtful writing.

The mood of "Finally Found" is happy and energetic, making it a perfect fit for fans of Disco Lines and BUNT alike. Listen now.


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