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Cabu x Kamaliza - "About U"

Into the new year with a heavy beat! Aussie producer Cabu releases his EP “So Far To Go,” available via 823 Records - the collaborative label between Ta-ku & Berlin-based Jakarta Records. Focus track “About U” feat. dreamy Sydney R&B crooner Kamaliza is a passionate groover that’s a “take your boo on a beach trip type beat", Says Cabu. "About You" starts with a moody yet ambient guitar loop, and then we start hearing a smooth and sidechained vocals. The vocalist is luscious with it and his range. The high notes in the hook are absolutely grasping to the soul and listeners ears. This is the perfect single to play in a party when you're with that special person and just want to get your groove on. Listen below, we hope to hear more from these colaboraters soon!


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