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Buppy - "I retract all the love I let you keep"

17-year-old Buppy empowers fellow teenagers to rise above abuse, emotional trauma and toxic relationships through his refreshing blend of Alternative R&B, Indie-Pop, and Hip-Hop. A young visionary, Buppy highlights the stressors that plague his mind: mental manipulation, clouded perceptions of love, modern-day social stress, and dark internal struggle. ‘I retract all the love I let you keep.’ tells the story of the downfall of a past relationship that occurred during my move to Los Angeles. I originally wrote the song merely to send it to my ex-girlfriend at the time, with no thoughts of putting it out. Due to this, I pushed to keep the track extremely raw, honest, and vulnerable, which would eventually lead me to wanna release it. During the first verse I explain how my move to Los Angeles led to our breakup. I go on to speak about how I felt in the days after the downfall, when I wished I could take the love I once gave back, retracting it. As you listen from verse to chorus the message is clear, the distance simply got the best of us, making me wish I could take it all back. The single was exciting to us because we heard raw sheer talent on the track as performed, the mixes need work, and we are certain Buppy will get right on it as he learns and grows. The lyrics were up to our standards and definitely hits a nerve and makes you think and reminisce on love lost. We definitely hope to hear more from Buppy as he grows and learns into the artist he was meant to be.



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