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Buddy Junior - "FEVER BABY"

Introducing "FEVER BABY" by Buddy Junior, a track that masterfully blends the emotive depth of emo-trap with the ethereal soundscapes of shoegaze. Released by Cherub Dream Records, this song is a poignant expression for fans of Cocteau Twins and Lil Peep, showcasing a unique fusion of Cloud Hop / Emo Hip-Hop and Shoegaze. Buddy Junior, a noise pop band from San Francisco, brings a distinctive sound to the genre. Their ability to blend the introspective lyricism of emo-trap with the dreamy, reverberating guitar tones of shoegaze creates a sound that is both haunting and captivating. The single is very wet and indeed feel like dreams here, almost like you're floating on a cloud. The band's influences are evident, yet they manage to carve out their own niche in the music landscape. "FEVER BABY" is an emotional journey, encapsulating the sadness and complexity of toxic intimate relationships. The track serves as a love letter to these challenging experiences, shared by Buddy Junior and feedbag. Its melancholic tone and introspective lyrics resonate deeply, offering a cathartic experience for listeners who have faced similar struggles in their own relationships we think here. Listen below now.


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