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BRYANT KEITH is not just a singer-songwriter and producer; he's a licensed psychologist whose artistry is dedicated to personal healing. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, he has devoted his life to serving others through his dual roles as a psychologist and an artist. His approach is all about authenticity, urging his clients and listeners alike to confront their truths, no matter how joyous or painful.

"Devils" is a testament to BRYANT KEITH's commitment to tackling complex issues like self-acceptance, faith, spirituality, and relationships we personally think. The track features a vocal mix that's not just loud but piercing, cutting through to the listener with clarity and purpose. The beat, while emotional, carries a futuristic feel, creating a soundscape that's both modern and timeless. What sets BRYANT KEITH apart is his ability to use his music as a transparent model for his own experiences and insights with the single, listen below now.


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