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Bryan Orozco With His Astounding Track “Same Time”

Bryan Orozco is a Latino artist born and raised in North hollywood, CA. With an original style, Bryan successfully delivers intricate lyrics and raw emotion to captivate his listeners. Always having the passion of creating music he take his listeners on different genres and introducing different sounds for anyone to be able to enjoy. With his latest single "Same Time" he projects a dreamy sound that is nice to just vibe with and connect to as well. Beginning the track with a groovy beat leading onto his loud and luscious vocals. 'Same Time' is a mellow, emotional song that encompasses an electronic feel with a lofi hip hop derivative. It is perfect for dancing to, blasting loud in the car, and singing along. This song can be related to and enjoyed by both men and women so given a more laid back crowd, this song is perfect for parties. The moods of betrayal, monotony, and raw emotion can be felt in both the smooth vocals and driving instrumental. Bryan Orozco has the motivating power to let your emotions out while listening to this song. Go stream “Same Time” and check out his discography that’s filled with outstanding tracks.





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