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Broughton Returns With "Keep It Moving" Leaving You Wanting More

Broughton is an artist from the U.K that we have taken a liking to this month a lot. His voice is awesome and his mixes are amazing as well. Whoever this guy is working with, his team, they definitely know what they're doing. Broughtons track "Keep It Moving" is interestingly mixed, the vocals sound boxy but fit inside the beat right. Wondering if that's just a style from the U.K. I say that because when I hear this hard mix I think of drake, with war specifically. This track feelings like you're in a black impala with gold rims, cruising slow under beams of light, with high hopes but not showing off. The song is an anthem for underdogs so to speak. Taking lines from "You just gotta keep it moving, even if you're losing." Even the adlibs put you in a zone, Take a listen now, don't sleep on this artist.




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