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Brooke Turner "Why"

Brooke Turner is an independent R&B singer, songwriter and recording artist from Victoria, Canada. Her debut Pop/R&B EP, titled “Why” is already making waves. Brooke’s Catchy melodies, haunting harmonies and her storytelling lyrics expose a genuine, perceptive artist whose grandiose vocals have the ability to ignite a profound experience, leaving the songs to linger in the back of your mind. Her music is often compared to artists like Ariana Grande, Kehlani and Kiana Ledé. 'Why' is the final song of the EP 'Why', Brooke Turner's debut into the R&B world. Why is a song of the reminiscence of lost love. Brooke's dreamy vocals and melancholic lyrics make for a moving listeners experience. The single is very reminiscent to Jhene Aiko. The verses flow right though to the hook, take a listen below!


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