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Brooke August - "You’re Welcome"

Introducing Brooke August with her latest hit "You're Welcome," a track that's all about the sizzle and soul of retro soul, contemporary R&B, and adult contemporary vibes. Think of it as a cocktail of Ariana Grande's pop sensibility, Lana Del Rey's sultry undertones, Beyoncé's powerhouse energy, and a hint of Doja Cat's playful charm. The vocalist just shows promise within the single, a whole lot of potential here with her controlled delivery and flow.

"You're Welcome" is a soul pop anthem with a burlesque-inspired twist that's both sexy and energetic, oozing self-love and empowerment. Brooke's voice commands attention, delivering a message of confidence and self-appreciation that resonates deeply in today's world. Honestly, then just when you think it can't get any better, the bridge hits you with a breathtaking blend of opera and trap reminiscent to Ariana Grande, creating a captivating sound that's nothing short of experimental genius we think. You might want to pay attention to her unique blend of influences and innovative sound, she really stands out as an artist who relishes in the unpredictability of creativity. Listen below now, and let Brooke August take you on a musical journey!


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