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Welcoming BRNSRGHT, also known as Lukas, emerges as a unique force in the realm of Alternative Hip-Hop with his single "GOD LOVE MONEY." This Lithuanian-born, London-based artist brings a dynamic blend of autotune-infused rap that pulsates with energy. The single stands as a fusion of trap and rap, where Lukas's aggressive vocals glide seamlessly over a hard-hitting beat that packs a punch. With influences like UNDERWATERKASH, SINN6R, Deijuvhs, and HENSHAW, BRNSRGHT carves his own path in the world of music, delivering a style that's both fierce and captivating.

Lukas's artistic journey is a testament to his passion and resilience. Describing his creative process as "burning karma," he has fearlessly experimented with various genres, instruments, and approaches since a young age. His father's diverse music collection, spanning Rachmaninov to Nirvana, further fueled his desire to explore unconventional sonic landscapes. By the time Lukas ventured to London, he had already amassed an impressive catalog of music, including original soundtracks for major Lithuanian films.

Upon his arrival in London, Lukas found inspiration in the city's rave scene, leading him to not only produce music but also perform with a metal band, act in films, and even engage in street performances. His commitment to keeping creativity alive knew no bounds. However, in 2016, an explosion in a London pub left Lukas with severe burns covering a significant portion of his body. Amidst the physical pain and the struggle with addiction, Lukas turned to music as a form of solace. Writing and producing beats became a therapeutic outlet, with rapping evolving into an essential mode of self-expression.

BRNSRGHT's music transcends borders and genres. He masterfully crafts sub-conscious Hip-Hop characterized by robust basslines, nostalgic melodies, and a diverse vocal delivery. In his East London studio, Lukas cultivates an artistic haven, collaborating with like-minded musicians and creatives. Noteworthy collaborations include UNDERWATERKASH, TRXNTRPS, Steinsdotter, and TRAPLORD, among others.

"GOD LOVE MONEY" not only showcases BRNSRGHT's musical prowess but also encapsulates his unbreakable spirit. Lukas's journey from a small Lithuanian town to the bustling streets of London, marked by experimentation, hardship, and unyielding determination, is mirrored in his captivating music. As he continues to push the boundaries of Alternative Hip-Hop, BRNSRGHT is a name to watch, a symbol of artistic evolution and the power of using music to heal and inspire. Listen below.


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