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Bring the Noise - “Creepin'” (Bring the Noise Remix)

London-based duo Bring the Noise have just released their latest single, a bouncy house remix of the new Metro Boomin and Weeknd track "Creepin'". With a high-energy beat and a catchy melody, "Creepin'" (Bring the Noise Remix) is a perfect club anthem that is sure to get you dancing the whole night through.

Bring the Noise are known for their energetic live performances and their ability to blend a variety of genres, including house, bass, and garage, into their music. Their remix of "Creepin'" showcases their production skills and their ability to take an already great track and make it even better.

As fans of both Metro Boomin and the Weeknd, Bring the Noise were excited to put their own spin on "Creepin'". "We loved the original track, but we wanted to give it a more energetic and danceable vibe," the duo said. "We added some bouncy house beats and a catchy melody, and we think the result is a track that will get people moving on the dance floor."

"Creepin'" (Bring the Noise Remix) is the latest single from Bring the Noise, and it's sure to be a hit with fans of house and dance music. Be sure to check it out and get ready to hit the dance floor.


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