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Brightside Introduces A Spectacular Track "KILLTIME"

Brightside is an amazing indie-pop group formed by childhood friends Jack, Connor, Dillion, Will, and Cory. Overtime they have gain massive success sparked by the bands online presences, particularly during radio plays ranging up to two thousand and overtime they started gaining over two millions plays. Once ready they started touring, the band hit the road in early 2017 with We The Kings and Cute Is What We Aim as part of the WTK10 tour, and have also performed with national acts. This polished pop/rock band became touring veterans by 2018, having taken their particular breed of pop music to all of North America including Mexico.

With Birghtside's new track "KILLTIME" you can see why their craft is unique and have the special unique sound that almost anyone would crave. When you instantly first hear the track you just want to dance and enjoy the moment. The lyrics explaining a story about a girl that he misses and find ways to "KILLTIME". Even thought the track entitles a heartbreak love story it provides a very upbeat feel to the track that you'll automatically enjoy. Their new music boasts a massive high-spirited contemporary pop sound with hook-laden melodies, sparkling guitars, and lush vocal harmonies. Tinged with ambitious r&b influences and a new pop aesthetic, the new music is a break into a new 80s adult contemporary pop direction.

Make sure to check out their whole discography it's amazing.






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