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Bridges Ablaze - "Forever Fallen"

With "Forever Fallen," alternative rock band Bridges Ablaze delves into the depths of despair, darkness, and isolation, creating a hauntingly personal and relatable musical experience. Drawing influences from alternative metal and emo, the song's dark tones and emotive lyrics resonate with listeners who have faced their own formidable demons.

Written with a deeply personal touch, "Forever Fallen" serves as a cathartic outlet for the band, as they pour painful life experiences into its musical atmosphere and lyrics. The writer's suffering is overt and apparent, inviting listeners to apply their own experiences and find a shared connection in the depths of human emotion.

This song is more than just a representation of pain; it is a reminder that pain can lead to transformation and growth. "Forever Fallen" stands as a powerful testament to the idea that by creating beautiful monuments in the wake of our painful experiences, our scars can evolve into gateways to creativity, healing, and divinity. Listen below now.


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