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Brew Berrymore x UMME BLOCK - "Trippy" (feat. UMME BLOCK)

Brew Berrymore and UMME BLOCK have joined forces to bring us a fresh musical experience with their new single, "Trippy." This collaboration marks a departure from the usual sound we've come to expect from Brew Berrymore, leaning into a lighter and more indie direction. The band shares their gratitude with their fans, stating, "Thanks for listening!"

The track falls under the pop-rock genre, with shades of indie rock that give it a moody yet energetic and sometimes even melancholic vibe. If you're a fan of UMME BLOCK, Blackout Problems, or EMMERICH, this new single is right up your alley.

"Trippy" holds a special place in the band's history, as it was one of the first songs they wrote after forming. Over the years, it has become a staple in their live sets and remains a fan favorite. This collaboration with UMME BLOCK adds a mature touch to the track. Leoni's vocals and Klara's new synthesizer patterns complement the song's foundational framework seamlessly.

This collaboration serves as a symbol of appreciation for the people they've met on their musical journey. Brew Berrymore is all about future rock from Bavaria, delivering a unique stage performance wrapped in gold, with a touch of 80s cult that's both weird and beautifully coherent.

Established in 2017, Brew Berrymore has been on an impressive journey, playing nearly 100 concerts and sharing the stage with notable acts like Dicht & Ergreifend, Django 3000, The Whiskey Foundation, and Martha (UK). With "Trippy," they continue to evolve their sound and leave their mark on the indie and pop-rock scenes. So, if you're in the mood for something fresh and unique, be sure to check out Brew Berrymore's latest musical offering, "Trippy," in collaboration with UMME BLOCK. Listen now.


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