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Bre Kennedy - "Hello" Feat. Spoken Word Outro From Jake Wesley Rogers

Bre Kennedy, the versatile singer, songwriter, and producer, has graced us with her latest single, "Hello," featuring a spoken word outro from Jake Wesley Rogers. This synthpop gem, part of her upcoming album "Scream Over Everything" set to release on November 10 via Nettwerk, is nothing short of an anthemic masterpiece. Kennedy's collaboration with Jake Wesley Rogers adds a unique dimension to "Hello." With the poignant spoken word line, "If there is a voice/ Let it sing/ Let it scream over everything," the track becomes a powerful testament to embracing change and uncertainty, fittingly in line with the album's title. In Kennedy's own words, "Hello" is an anthem of surrendering to the unknown, a celebration of letting go of stories, relationships, and expectations, and rediscovering growth in the process. The outro, featuring Rogers, leaves us with a thought-provoking question: What if we said "hello" instead of running from "goodbye"? "Scream Over Everything" marks a significant chapter in Bre Kennedy's musical journey. This album, arriving at her Saturn Return, explores themes of personal transformation and growth. The nine pop-infused tracks delve into her experiences of reconnecting with estranged family members, seeking therapy, and navigating the complexities of relationships. Produced by Davis Naish (known for working with artists like Joshua Bassett and Katelyn Tarver) and mixed by Konrad Snyder (notable for collaborations with Noah Kahan and Kacey Musgraves), the album promises an enchanting blend of sonic landscapes that mirror Kennedy's personal and artistic evolution. Bre Kennedy's "Scream Over Everything" invites us to scream over the noise of our lives, to embrace the chaos, and to rediscover ourselves in the process. It's a testament to being present in the moment and facing the future with open arms. As Bre Kennedy embarks on her headline tour, leading up to special shows in Nashville and Los Angeles in November, her music continues to resonate with audiences who appreciate the raw, honest, and soul-stirring narratives woven into her songs. With "Hello" as a glimpse of what's to come, "Scream Over Everything" promises to be a musical journey worth experiencing. Listen below.


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