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Bratty - "¿Y Cómo?"

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

BRATTY is back with her latest single, "¿Y Cómo?", a sultry and seductive track that showcases her unique blend of bedroom pop and Latin influences.

Born and raised in the Mexican city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, BRATTY (real name Jenny Juárez) began her music career as a guitarist and singer-songwriter. Her sound is a mix of lo-fi and dreamy pop, with a heavy emphasis on emotional lyrics and catchy melodies.

In "¿Y Cómo?", BRATTY explores the complexities of a relationship, asking the age-old question, "And how?" over a smooth, danceable beat. The song is a perfect example of BRATTY's ability to craft infectious pop tunes that also pack a emotional punch.

BRATTY has been gaining attention in the music world with her unique blend of genres and her captivating live performances. She recently signed with Universal Music México, and is currently working on her debut album, set to be released next year.

Fans of BRATTY's unique sound and emotional lyrics won't want to miss "¿Y Cómo?", available now on all major streaming platforms. Keep an eye out for more from this rising star in the coming months.


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