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Brandon Mcbrayn, Nelson Navarro, Eden Kelly - "Love, Routine, Discipline and Boundaries"

Introducing Brandon Mcbrayn, Nelson Navarro, Eden Kelly with their latest single "Love, Routine, Discipline and Boundaries". First and foremost we absolutely love and adore, heck, even appreciate the collaboration. Time and time again we always say that with collaboration, that is when real music and hits are made. The single is an absolutely slow one inspired by r&b, jazz and lofi. "Love, Routine, Discipline and Boundaries" combines all the smokey attributes that create those luscious genres. We absolutely think this is the perfect early morning single as well as the perfect night time single. We would reccomend this to anyone who enjoys Wiz Khalifa, and Erykah Badu. While we don't know much, or anything really about any of the musicians. We do know they know how to craft a single. Listen below.


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