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Brandon Beal x Lizzy Wang x HEDEGAARD - "The Ones We Lost"

Denmark's HEDEGAARD, the US' Brandon Beal, and China's Lizzy Wang have seamlessly merged their talents to release the scintillating collaboration "The Ones We Lost." Crossing Dance Pop, Deep House, and Progressive House, this track stands as a potent blend of emotional depth and dancefloor allure.

The song unveils with Beal's soulful vocals, accompanied by a mesmerizing guitar melody that casts a haunting yet melancholic aura. The track's progressive and euphonious bassline injects a groove that transforms "The Ones We Lost" into a formidable summer anthem, not just in terms of energy, but also emotional resonance. The track features a recognizable sample from Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Pretty Little Ditty," which found fame through Crazy Town's hit "Butterfly." This creative homage to a classic adds an additional layer of depth to the song.

HEDEGAARD and Brandon Beal's prior collaboration on "Twerk It Like Miley" already amassed substantial streams, and their reunion for "The Ones We Lost" promises to be equally impactful. The addition of Lizzy Wang, China's most prominent female DJ, further enhances the track's sonic landscape. Her tech house expertise dovetails beautifully into the song's fabric, creating a genre-blending experience that transcends boundaries.

Brandon Beal shared his perspective on the creation of the track, highlighting its departure from previous styles. "The Ones We Lost" serves as a maturation of their artistic approach, focusing on a more profound storyline that celebrates the journey and friendships experienced along the way. It's an ode to nostalgia and growth, skillfully woven into a hybrid of soul, pop, and tech house.

HEDEGAARD, who's known for producing some of Denmark's biggest hits, emphasized the joyful collaboration and the global response their music has garnered. This track captures the essence of celebrating camaraderie, creativity, and the music that drives their artistic journey.

Both Brandon Beal and HEDEGAARD have a rich musical history. Brandon Beal, recognized for his platinum-certified tracks and collaborations with international stars, has asserted his position in Denmark and beyond. On the other hand, HEDEGAARD has etched his name as a leader in Danish club music, earning him the title of "The King of Car Music."

Lizzy Wang, the pioneering female DJ in China, adds her flair to the mix. Her tech house prowess, alongside her accomplishments in education from institutions like Columbia University and Harvard University, showcases her multifaceted talents. Her presence in the collaboration represents a fusion of cultures and musical styles, mirroring the song's global collaboration.

In the end, "The Ones We Lost" is a testament to the power of music to bridge gaps and evoke emotions. This collaborative effort stands not only as a catchy dance anthem but also as a celebration of friendship and creative synergy. With artists of this caliber joining forces, the track undoubtedly has a bright future ahead, resonating with audiences worldwide. Listen now.


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