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Boyu - "Embers Of Our Innocence"

BOYU is a LA-based indie-pop / rap singer-songwriter. Combining story-driven lyrics accompanied by lush vocal stacks over hip-hop influenced production. Initially trained in classical piano before turning his attention towards drums, guitar and digital production, BOYU quickly excelled at adding lush vocal layers into his early mixtapes topped with buoyant adlibs. The recent single, "Embers Of Our Innocence" caught our attention because of the way it starts, the artist doesn't have you waiting for long and immediately you get a flavor of spring we think. The artist is soft voiced, yet the vocals are full and you can truly feel within yourself that you are warm and in comfort when you listen. We simply envision cherry blossoms falling from a tree beautifully. The single is reminiscent to Frank Ocean we think this time when it comes down to the hook as well. Listen below.


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