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BOBI ANDONOV - "Bad Decisions"

Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Bobi Andonov has just released his newest single "Bad Decisions", which showcases his impressive range as an artist. The seductive new single blends alternative/indie R&B and alt-pop sounds, drawing influences from Prince, Michael Hutchence, Childish Gambino, and Tame Impala. With mysterious chords leading into a cinematic chorus, "Bad Decisions" has already amassed over 500k views on TikTok alone.

As Bobi explains, "Bad Decisions" is all about finding someone who can keep up with your freedom, decadence, and the fun that can be had exploring with them. This newest release marks a new chapter for the artist, as he experiments beyond the confines of his previous work and takes listeners on a unique and necessary musical journey.

Bobi's career in music began at a young age when he was selected to play Young Simba in the Broadway production of "The Lion King" in Melbourne and Shanghai. At age 15, he was a grand finalist on Australia's Got Talent with an audition that reached over 15 million views. Since then, he has released several songs, including "Apartment" and "Smoke," which received acclaim from the likes of Billboard, V Magazine, NYLON, and Time.

Last year, Bobi released two funk-infused pop tracks under the moniker Drella, titled "Until The Morning" and "Night Crawls." The former arrived alongside an incredible music video by Grey Ghost (Ruel, Hiatus Kayote) and attracted rave reviews on triple j Unearthed, with Abby Butler praising it as "world class" and Tommy Faith proclaiming it a "certified hit."

For his upcoming 2023 campaign, Bobi has collaborated with notable producers Ilya, Rykeyz, and Dylan Bauld. Ilya has worked with artists such as Ariana Grande and The Weeknd, while Rykeyz has worked with artists like Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar. Dylan Bauld is known for his work with artists such as Halsey and Kesha.

Bobi Andonov's music continues to receive critical acclaim, and his evolution as an artist is a reflection of the changing landscape of the music industry. With streaming services dominating the market, artists are no longer relying on album sales to make a living. Instead, they are able to build their fan base through social media and streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This allows them to reach a wider audience and gain exposure in ways that were not possible before.

Bobi's music, which blends a range of influences and genres, is a testament to this new era in music. As genres and styles become less rigidly defined, artists like Bobi are able to experiment and push the boundaries of what is possible. In a time when music fans are looking for something fresh and exciting, Bobi Andonov's seductive and moody sound is sure to captivate audiences and leave them wanting more.


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