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Introducing "DIVISION" by BLVCK NOIZE, a standout instrumental track from their first major release, "EMBRACE DESTINY." This piece has garnered acclaim and support from notable artists like One True God, Moris Blak, and Limbo Slice, and has circulated on major music networks like NightmareOwl & Extra Terra. "DIVISION" is a profound exploration of the realms of Instrumental Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-Hop, and Cyberpunk/Darksynth.

The mood of "DIVISION" is intricately layered, weaving together elements of sadness, moodiness, and experimental sounds. This track is a journey into the darker side of electronic music, reminiscent of the works of Gesaffelstein, SebastiAn, Daft Punk, and Devault. "DIVISION" stands out with its deep, dark electronic beats and haunting melodies, creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and introspective. The track's experimental nature pushes the boundaries of traditional hip-hop and electronic music, offering listeners a unique auditory experience. BLVCK NOIZE's ability to create a sound that is both emotionally resonant and innovative is showcased in "DIVISION." The track is a testament to their skill in crafting music that not only resonates with the current trends in electronic and hip-hop music but also carves out a distinct niche in the genre.


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